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★★★★★ "Using the platform is extremely easy and intuitive. If I have to describe uLaw in a few words, I would say: fast, easy, efficient and relevant.” – Agnieszka S., legal advisor for the Office of Birth and Childhood.

★★★★★ "Within a week, we received four offers from qualified lawyers. The process is quick and easy. I would definitely recommend the platform." – Maïté C., Public Procurement Manager, Municipality of Jette.

★★★★★ "uLaw connected us with experts who guided us through our litigation and helped finding the best solutions." – Maxime V., General Counsel.

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La Libre Eco

"Justiciable have now the opportunity to select the lawyer of their choice."

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"Their digital tools offer unique possibilities to compare, evaluate and choose the best legal professional which will be the most appropriate to handle the case."

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"The website uLaw helps us to find the right lawyer."

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We have the relationship between clients and lawyers completely remodeled to refocus on the essential issue : creating and maintaining a trustful relationship with your lawyer in order to allow you to handle your case with total confidence. uLaw helps you structure each step of your query, as from the description of your needs to the detailed follow-up of the tasks and the approval of the invoices. uLaw is willing to render qualitative legal services more accessible so that our platform is entirely free of charges.

  • We help you describe your query

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  • You compare them and choose the one that best suits you

  • You follow and manage your case in real time

  • You get detailed invoices for preapproved and delivered work

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Discover uLaw, an on-line work environment designed to assist you in developing your career. You keep total control on your profile which is only accessible to clients and prospects of your choice. Select cases that meet your ambition, build new collaborations with talented colleagues and secure your clients’ satisfaction, easily.


uLaw is a platform where you can find a competent lawyer to assist you for all your legal needs. Whether it is for a question of company law (in the event of restructuring, for the drafting of contracts), a dispute in social or labor law (serious misconduct, contractual breach), to assist you in managing business law or even protect your trademarks or other industrial property rights, uLaw brings together profiles in all areas of law. Get top-quality legal advice from the best lawyers, working with transparency.