Replace humanity at the heart of the collaboration

While proximity between lawyers and their clients becomes more and more crucial for their relationship, they are more disconnected than ever. Our ambition is to help recreating this bond thanks to technology in order to allow lawyers and clients to concentrate on the heart of their relationship : collaborate in full trust.

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We believe we can challenge the status quo by conceiving legal services differently. We are convinced that a new trend will emerge to rebalance the market on the basis of new fundamentals: transparency, quality and humanity.

Xavier gillot

Participating in the lawyer profession modernization

My twenty years of experience at the Bar brought me to a conclusion: the legal world and its ‘players’ appear today more and more opaque, disconnected. Laws and jurisprudences are always more complex and numerous, forcing advisors to become specialists continuously absorbed by legal matters while their clients need more simplicity, proximity, tailor made and efficient advices. Building the bridge between law and humans becomes every day more crucial but the gap between these two worlds increased to the detriment of communication and trust.

This situation convinced me that it was necessary to seize the opportunities offered by the digital transformation to repair this bond of trust which is at the heart of the collaboration. How? By creating an innovative work environment based on true transparency. This is the ambition of uLaw, the platform I intended to develop: take advantage of the new technologies to create transparency, predictability, proximity in order to allow lawyers and their clients to recreate trust and concentrate on their collaboration.

Xavier Gillot, Founder

Finally, an innovative alternative founded on transparency

When Xavier explained me his project of a platform dedicated to support lawyers and their clients, I was immediately convinced by the idea which was exactly echoing my experiences as client of the legal service industry. First, because I share his vision on the need and ways to have the relationship between clients and lawyers evolve. Also and more importantly, because as an entrepreneur, I could find in uLaw the perfect integration of the values on which I founded the enterprises that I conducted so far. We are friends since adolescence and today, our two profiles are ideally complementary. But if a friendly trust always existed between us, we then started working together, Xavier as lawyer and myself as his client and we have built a ‘professional trust’ that is even so strong. Together, we would like to share our values and experiences to offer a work environment where everybody wins, lawyers as clients.

Laurent Sauté, CEO

Laurent saute

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