Generalist or specialist?

Law has not escaped specialization, quite the contrary. The more the world has evolved, the more the legislator has interfered in the spheres of life to regulate them, thereby generating an ever-increasing legislative, jurisprudential and administrative inflation.

Legal services have therefore become the prerogative of specialists, practicing one or even several complementary areas of law. In addition to studying the basics of the specialty, a good advisor will indeed take the time to constantly learn about developments in this specialization (bills, new case law, doctrinal debates), which will require constant investment. His experience in the practice of this subject (interpretations followed by judges, market practices, etc.) will also be a very important added value which can also only be acquired through specialization.


It is therefore fundamental, when a legal question arises and assistance is required, to identify the area(s) of law concerned by this question in order to be able to address the right specialist(s).

Understanding your case and properly identifying the specialty(ies) concerned are therefore the basis of good legal management.

Important note: specialization is a protected title.


For lawyers, the title of specialist’ is protected and can only be used or claimed by lawyers who have received approval from their Bar Association.

In practice, few lawyers take this step despite a good number of them having completed their years of study by a complementary cycle of specialization in a particular area of law and dedicating their practice to this subject throughout their career.

So be careful not to get confused: just because a lawyer does not have the official title of specialist does not mean that he is not an expert in a matter. As proof, the most renowned and competent lawyers in Belgium who for example also exercise the functions of university professor are very often not “specialists” recognized by their Bar Association, despite undeniable expertise.


Our approach being based on quality and transparency, the specialization of member lawyers is an essential condition for their acceptance within our network.

To assist customers in finding the right expert, our solutions include a help function that allows you to identify with certainty the material (s) concerned by a given situation.