How to draft a request for proposal?

Compare the best work proposals through centralized request for proposals. Describe your job and post it in a few steps to collect tailor made fee proposals by using the various selection criterions proposed by uLaw.

The different options proposed by uLaw allow you to fine tune your request and detail your requirements in order to ensure tailor made applications for a more adapted service and more quality.

uLaw will gather the proposals for you and give you the opportunity to compare them and choose the most appropriate according to your criterions : by price, by rating, by dead line, etc.

The energy invested in the preparation of your request will result in time savings for your lawyer for him to understand your case and its issues. The importance of your intervention should therefore not be underestimated.

The simplified process offered by uLaw is composed of 5 steps.

First step: Your file. Start with a short summary of your case, the area of law concerned, the due date for submitting proposals and add, if desired, additional documents detailing your specifications.

Second step: Budget. Continue by choosing one of the two proposed financial arrangements: opt for a fixed budget if you wish to impose your financial terms (hourly rate, flat fee or success fee) or choose an open budget tender if you are open to receive fee proposals from the lawyers.

Third step: Conditions. Fine tune your request for proposals by requesting additional information or adding conditions concerning lawyers’ rating, details of relevant previous experiences, official certificates.

Fourth step : Contract. Clarify the important provisions to be included in your contract with your adviser: Milestones, deadlines, etc.

Fifth step: Review. End the process by reviewing the summary of your bid and launch it on uLaw to gather proposals meeting your requirements.

Visit your dashboard to consult the proposals and choose the most appropriate for your case. The various features of the call will then automatically be transposed as binding terms of your agreement with the lawyer.

Do not hesitate to run through the various guides put at your disposal by uLaw to find some help in choosing the right lawyer and placing yourself in the best conditions to optimally describe your query and make sure to receive adapted proposals meeting your expectations. A comprehensive and clear description of it will help you get more accurate proposals and guide your lawyer through the management of your case.